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Honolulu Mombasa Sister City

©Gilbert Githere
updated: December 22, 2016


It is with utmost humility that we propose the following areas of cooperation
between our two cities and counties upon re-establishment of ties.
Please note that this is just our expression of interest in areas or sectors that maybe
of interest to the people and investors of Honolulu in Mombasa that will be beneficial
to the two cities.
Should you have a key area or sector that you would wish to have more information
on, please do not hesitate to contact Salma Noor: Salmanoor2001@yahoo.com for further

As a leading Tourist Destination, with numerous attractions, Mombasa
County Government presents Mombasa International Cultural Festival, a
weeklong extravaganza as a highlight of the numerous products to our visitors.
M.I.C.F invite and welcome you to partner with us in putting together this great cultural
extravaganza whose benefits will cut across the people and businesses in Mombasa County.
We invite the people of Honolulu to take part in this festival in any capacity either as visitors,
exhibitors or partners and investors in the tourism industry.
As done with other sister cities, upon being a sister city to Mombasa, the people of Honolulu
will be dedicated a day in the week long festival to show and depict the culture of Honolulu
and Hawaii as a whole.
2017 dates to be announced.

Mombasa is abundantly blessed with a wide coastline that has gone under-utilized for a long
time with very minimal fishing being undertaken.
Since the inception of the County Government in 2013, through our department of Fisheries
we have taken strides to change the perception that the residents have towards this key
sector and make them appreciate that more benefits can be derived by adoption of new
technology and equipment that will increase the catch from the fishermen.
We have also tried to get the youth more involved in fishing as previously, this was perceived
as a trade for the old.
In November of this year, with cooperation and assistance from private financial institutions
we were able to secure for our fishermen a new better equipped vessel with a capacity of
catching 10tons of fish.
However this is but one vessel and more are needed if the residents of Mombasa are to
benefit from this blue-farm since. There is discussion to construct a fish port within
Mombasa that will enable the catch from as far as neighbouring counties to be processed at
the facility and this is envisioned to be undertaken in a joint cooperation under PPP scheme.
Attached you will find a detailed analysis and breakdown of this sector that would be of
interest to any investor in Honolulu in the said project.

Mombasa and Honolulu have the advantage of sharing similar social and cultural tradition
and heritage, it is our hope to foster better understanding of such heritage by undertaking
student exchange programs amongst the two cities.
This will also promote the culture of home-stays as an alternative accommodation in the
tourism sector as the students will get to experience the day to day living of the family
assigned to. To start off this exchange, we have on board ten (10) families willing to be part
of the program.

In contrast with the rest of the counties in Kenya as well as those neighbouring Mombasa, we
lack vast tracks of land to cultivate and undertake any significant agricultural activities.
Thus we have been forced to look for alternate methods of farming and or provide extension
and value addition services to products coming in from other counties into Mombasa.
And this is one area which we seek to exploit and empower our people to take up an interest
in agri-business. The most marginalized group within the community of Mombasa are the
women, youth and persons living with disabilities.
As a county government, we have taken steps in identifying women groups that are involved
in extension services and empowering them with better equipment and or knowledge to
evolve their businesses. Attached in a detailed analysis of the industries the women are in
involved in and the needs assessment of what is needed.
However a lot more needs to be done, and it is our hope that as our sister city, through your
investors, you shall take up with interest this area and assist our people by providing a
getaway to new markets for their products and the same be reciprocated for your products
into Mombasa.

The youth are the backbone of any community, and in recent times our youth have faced
challenging times with involvement in unsavoury activities that have threatened the peace
and security of the county.
This is majorly attributed to a lack of engagement and development of talent and or sports
thus leading to drug and substance abuse which leaves them susceptible to external
influences and persuasion to join radical groups making them a target for security forces.
To curb such activities, through the department of Youth, Gender and Sports, am ambitious
plan has been proposed of setting up youth and talent centres throughout the county that
will provide a safe nurturing environment for the youth to explore their talents as well as
provide vocational training to equip them with key skills that will move them from the
streets into employability.
The department is key to partner with likeminded individuals and investors who will make
the project a reality and who have an interest in the youth and their talents. Attached is the
itemized breakdown of the proposed project for your consumption.
We hope that the above brief on some of the key areas of interest, together with the
attached narratives on the same will be sufficient to persuade both yourself and any
investor in Honolulu city and county to take up and interest in you to further the ties
an cooperation between ourselves.
The undersigned is available for any further clarification should you have any.