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updated: July 6, 2016

Honolulu Mombasa Sister City

Honolulu  Mombasa Sister City
95-023 Waihau Street Suite 144
Mililani, Hawaii 96789
Tel: 808-754-0841
Looking for 12 young individuals with  innovative projects (environmental friendly ideas).  Six of these individuals will be picked from Mombasa and the other six from Honolulu.  They will be brought together at a future date for the sole purpose of networking.  Details will be posted  on this web site, at a later. PLEASE DONATE FOR THIS WORTHY CAUSE.

Honolulu Mombasa Sister City will pioneer
virtual tours of Mombasa for all those living
outside of the Kenyan city. Funds generated
will help the homeless of the twin cities.
Sister Cities as an ideology was Dwight Eisenhower's idea in 1954. It was meant to foster peace and understanding between communities of different cities on the globe.

Honolulu and Mombasa became sister cities on August 28, 2000.
The primary projects of Honolulu Mombasa Sister Cities include:

-student exchange
-cultural exchanges
-economic interactions

Honolulu Mombasa Sister City  is  Non-Profit, Tax Exempt with a 501(c)3 status with the IRS.
DLN#: 601306031.  All donations are tax deductible.

(Left to Right) Former Mayor of Mombasa;Mr. A. Modhar; Mr. S.Nabea, Vice President Honolulu Mombasa Sister City; & S. Ngenyo, Deputy Chairman Nyemuteka School
Honolulu Hale
(Left to Right) City Official; Mr. Kirk Cadwell, Mayor of Honolulu; Mr. Gilbert Githere, President/Director: Honolulu Mombasa Sister City; Mrs. Ann Githere; Mr. R. Y. Amemiya, Jr.,  Managing Director, Honolulu City and County. (2016)
Queen Liliuokalani
Famous Hawaiian Royalty
June 28, 2016
Dr. Gilbert Githere President/Director of Honolulu Mombasa Sister City (fifth from right) visited the Mombasa County Government Sister City Projects Office, Director, Salma Noor (fourth from right), allowing for very resourceful discussions of future projects.